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Digital Human Model Module and Work Process for Considering Anthropometric Diversity

Bertilsson, E., Högberg, D. and Hanson, L. (2010)

Proceedings of 3rd Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) International Conference 2010, Karwowski, W. and Salvendy, G. (Eds.), USA, July 2010, ISBN 978-0-9796435-4-5.


In digital human modelling (DHM), ergonomics evaluations are typically done with few human models. However, humans vary a lot in sizes and shapes. Therefore, few manikins can rarely ensure accommodation of an entire target population. Different approaches exist on how to consider anthropometric diversity. This paper reviews current DHM tools and clarify problems and opportunities when working with anthropometric diversity. The aim is to suggest functionality for a state of the art DHM module and work process for considering anthropometric diversity. The study is done by an analysis of some of the current DHM systems and by interviews of personnel at car companies about their way of working with anthropometric diversity. The study confirmed that critical production simulations are often done in early development stages with only one or a few human models. The reason for this is claimed to be time consuming processes, both at the creation of the human model but mainly when correctly positioning the model in the CAD environment. The development of a new method and work process for considering anthropometric diversity is suggested. Necessary features for such a module are that it shall be easy to use and not require expert knowledge about the consideration of anthropometric diversity. It shall also be configurable and transparent, in a sense that it should be possible to work with own anthropometric data and ergonomics evaluation standards. The module has to be flexible and have different entrances depending on the type of anthropometric problem being analyzed. An improved work method is expected to lead to faster and more correct analyses.

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