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Digital human modelling for user-centred vehicle design and anthropometric analysis

Högberg, D. (2009)

International Journal of Vehicle Design, Vol. 51, No. 3/4, pp. 306-323.


Digital human modelling (DHM) is discussed as a design tool in the context of user-centred design, with a focus on DHM usage for anthropometric analysis in occupant packaging tasks in the vehicle interior design process. References are made to concepts of inclusive design, user-centred design, design cognition and design methodology. Examples are presented to illustrate how DHM can be of great use to the vehicle designer, but also to show some of the difficulties involved. This includes the complexity in considering anthropometric variation of the targeted product users in multivariate design problems, such as the design of vehicle interiors and suggestions on how to deal with this difficulty in an industrial design setting. Overall, the paper takes a designer's view of DHM tools and illustrates how the tools can be of value in the design process, but also considers what implications this has on the functionality and usability of the tools.

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